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Robert Scoble Is My Friend On Facebook

This is another reason why you should join Facebook. I am not saying that you should all become friends with Robert Scoble, and thatīs the reason why you should join Facebook. But think about it for a second, you have the chance to become friends with celebrities. Yes, Robert is a celebrity, not like Brad Pitt and those Hollywood stars, but he is a celebrity in a whole different world. But by opening up for ordinary bloggers to join “forces” and become friends on Facebook, Robert is actually helping people to become more confident at blogging. Take myself for instance, once I added him as a friend and saw that I added me as a friend, my first thoughts were something like “wow! My first celebrity friend”. Yes, I know itīs only on Facebook, but thatīs a little step in the right direction.

You never know, one day he might even read my blog 🙂

Think about the marketing potential for a second as well. Even though Robert has more than 800 friends on Facebook as I am writing this, when I post a link, or a picture or a note or whatever. Itīs a small chance for Robert to actually see that I have posted something on Facebook. If what I posted is very interesting, he might notice it, and well… he might even post a few thoughts about it on his blog. Think about what something like that would do for my blog. I am not sure how many readers he has, but I know thousands of people are reading his blog every single day and a link or a few thoughts from him would be close to priceless.

I know that I am dreaming here, but wouldnīt it be fun if it happened and there are always a small chance. So join Facebook (itīs free) and you might have a chance to get noticed. You can even become friends with me (I am adding everyone as a friend, just add me first), I am not a celebrity though, but hopefully it would be fun to be friends anyway.

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