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A Review of The Videos at Get More Buyers

Finally, I have watched all the videos from the marketing course by Michael Rasmussen called Get More Buyers. Well, as I am writing this, I haven’t watched more then the first one, that’s apx. 16 minutes of more than 1 hour. But at the end of this post, I have watched them all.

The reason I am writing the beginning of this post first, is that I want share my expectations just before I start watching the rest of the videos.

This might sound fairly stupid, but I expect to learn at least 5 new and important things when it comes to Internet business (like get more buyers), but the reason I bought the course is also that I expect to learn at least one very important thing when it comes to how to attract new students to our college.

So, did the get more buyers videos live up to my expectations?

The video consists of 10 really useful strategies to get more buyers. I believe that all of the 10 are very powerful, and not that difficult to manage. I was a little worried at first, that all of the strategies were very time consuming and difficult for a person without the technical skills.

But they are not.

The 10 strategies are:

  1. Low-Cost Products
  2. Run A WSO
  3. Price Increase Sales
  4. Upsells And OTOs
  5. Affiliate Promo Bonuses
  6. Thank You Page Promo
  7. Contribute To An OTO
  8. Contribute To a Product
  9. Holiday Promos
  10. Cross Promotion

I had actually heard of all the strategies before I bought the Get More Buyers course, so this wasn’t as much as a surprise as I was hoping it to be. What I really liked about the videos are the very detailed explanation and all the very detailed examples. They made the videos really worth viewing even though I knew about all the strategies.

Take a closer look at Get More Buyers.

When it comes to learning a way to attract more students to our college, I am not really sure if this course was valuable or not. But, I think that I can use cross promotion.

Think about this for a minute:

What if our college could help another college with cross promotion (our two colleges are offering completely different courses so we are really not in any competition). It might help both colleges to get a lot more attention, and this might in the end help both colleges attract more students.

The colleges could offer a common quiz, where the winners will receive a very nice prize, and every participant will receive information about the courses from both colleges. Because two or more colleges are involved, they can probably offer a much more expensive prize, and this way, get a lot more attention and participants.

In the end, the videos from the Get More Buyers course did not live up to my expectations, because I didn’t really learn anything new. But on the other hand, I now have access to 10 very powerful strategies that I only knew about before, but had no place to read about. And this time, I have a very detailed explanation and very detailed examples on how to use them all.

So, I am actually very pleased with the all the videos, even though they didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Take a closer look at Get More Buyers.

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