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Review of Simpleology by Mark Joyner

I have just finished reading simpleology by Mark Joyner. It’s a book about “the simple science of getting what you want”, that’s the subtitle and one of the reasons why I bought it, along with Mark Joyner being the author.

Mark Joyner is a very successful author and marketer among other things, and when I read that Dr. Joe Vitale had said that simpleology is “shocking! Explosive! It’s dynamic for your brain!” and Vincent James said that “… when you are ready to succeed right now, this is the book you read first. No question”. You can probably understand why I was so excited when I was about to start reading.

The book is different. It’s divided into four “books”; the asylum, the invisible walls, disposable reality and simpleology. I think that the first three “books” more or less describes why you and me are stuck where we are right now, and during the first 200 pages, we understand the details about why it’s so difficult to get what we want. The last thirty pages describes exactly what we need to do.

I had a hard time stop reading. It might be because the book was like a novel. I read about Dave, a fictional character the author used in order to explain what we are up against (like the asylum and the invisible walls). I also enjoyed the cartoon drawings throughout the book, they are both funny and straight to the point.

Now, Mark Joyner did a great job explaining why most of us are not successful, and his solution is brilliant and fairly easy to adopt. He has developed the five laws of simpleology; the law of straight lines, the law of clear vision, the law of focused attention, the law of focused energy and the inescapability of action/reaction.

The five laws of simpleology is not so much different from another book I read a while ago called Getting Things Done by David Allen. Both books are brilliant, the authors gives a clear message when it comes to what we need to do in order to become successful (get things done), and their messages are not so different. Their methods to help us understand are different. That’s why I recommend that you read both books.

If you are unlike me, then, you will probably download the hidden surprises described during the first and last pages of the book. When you buy the book you will get access to a “multimedia learning experience and some life-changing software”. The tools will help you master the information inside the book, but you can also apply them to your daily life.

I highly recommend that you read Simpleology

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