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Review Page Secrets and Commission Blueprint

This is part of a series of posts about an Internet marketing course called Commission Blueprint. Be sure to read the other posts as well:

I have just finished reading the third (and final) report from Commission Blueprint called “Review Page Secrets”. This report was 14 pages, and I finished reading it in about 15 minutes. It was fairly easy to read, but I guess that I will be looking at it again (and again) if I am going to actually create a review page of my own.

It was an interesting first sentence of this report:

Sadly, the days where you could set up a simple AdWords campaign and make a vast amount of money by simply direct linking to the sales page of a product are all but gone.

This is what I have been doing, every single time I tried using AdWords, no wonder why I didn’t get any results to talk about.

“Review Page Secrets” report is all about how to create an effective review page with real life examples that we can learn from.

A review page is about positioning yourself as an expert by comparing a number of products that the prospect may be interested in, and of course, you end up telling them that they should buy one of the products (the best one / the one that pays you the most commission).

The reason you do this, is because people will think of you as an expert / authority, and people are more likely to obey an expert.

Now, I am not allowed to reveal all the details about the report, but I’ll tell you this:

The most interesting part of the report is all the “live” examples and how Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey (the guys behind the course) points out what exactly to do (because of all the testing they have done).

They provide 12 points on what to do, and they have put each point in an image of a “live” review page. When you buy the Commission Blueprint course you can download and start using this template for your campaign as well.

It all looks fairly easy to implement.

Remember, always use a photo of a person who looks confident, experienced, trust worthy and most importantly realistic (it can be a picture of yourself, or not). Provide testimonials as it helps create a sense of trust in what you are saying, and write the review page as you would write a story (it’s all about story telling).

Another interesting fact, what you really should do, is combining a Pre-Sell Page with a Review Page (not sure what this combination should be called …).

4 responses to “Review Page Secrets and Commission Blueprint”

  1. Andrew says:

    I look forward to seeing more of these programs. It’s very difficult these days to to settle down with one program without jumping from one to another. So many programs so little time…..


  2. Jens says:

    Hi Andrew

    Yes I agree. There are so many new programs launching almost every single day, it’s close to impossible to stay updated anymore.

    Hopefully, with this weekly post I will write about the most interesting ones.

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