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Review of Making Your Buyers List Pay Off

I have just read the bonus report from Michael Rasmussen’s Get More Buyers course, and it’s called Making Your Buyers List Pay Off: Relationship Building Strategies.

This report is all about why you should build a relationship to the people on your list, and how to build it, in order to profit the most from your list. And I must say, I was really impressed by this rather short report.

It’s 29 pages, and it covers three strategies on building a relationship to the people on your list.

The first one is the value bomb strategy. This is about providing enough value to your list, that they will keep wanting more from you. You’ll provide them with free stuff and great discounts. And once in a while, you’ll be sending various promotions to them, maybe a few times a month.

The second one is the feedback strategy. This is about asking the people on your list for feedback on something like your blog posts or doing surveys. This will keep them involved, and you should interact and help them if they have any questions.

The third one is the AMEX strategy. This is about giving the people on your list exclusive access to some benefits. This way, they’ll understand the real value of being on your list. You need to continue to provide them with exclusive access to something in order for them to keep being loyal.

The reason I found this report very valuable was that it was straight to the point, three strategies that works, and tons of examples of what you should do within each strategy.

Considering this report was a bonus, I am really looking forward to watch the rest of the videos from the course later today. I’ll keep you informed.

Take a closer look at Get More Buyers.

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