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Review of EmptySpaceAds

Today I discovered a very interesting marketing tool, it’s completely free and you can use it to promote whatever you prefer and you can even use ShoppingAds which includes ads from eBay.

The company I am talking about is EmptySpaceAds. Their slogan is “turning empty space into cash”, something that got my attention and made me curious.

You can just join EmptySpaceAds and two minutes later you will have setup your first ads. Then, you just need to upload their code onto your website and that’s it. You can preview the ads on their website, so you don’t have to upload anything before you are satisfied.

What’s really interesting is that you and your visitors won’t see any of the ads before their mouse cursor is touching the empty spaces on your website. The very second that the mouse cursor touches the empty space, the ads will appear.

I think that this is great.

You can have extra ads on your website, because they won’t show when your visitors are looking at your content or your “visible” ads. They are not interfering with anything on your website.

When your visitor (without knowing it) moves their mouse cursor to the empty spaces on your website, your EmptySpaceAds will appear. This way, your visitors will see them. There is no way that they won’t see them. When the ads appear, they are almost like a pop up (but a lot cooler). They can even explode when you close the ads (a rather funny feature).

The only thing that I am not so sure about when it comes to EmptySpaceAds is how many of your visitors that will actually see your ads.

To see the ads, they will have to move the cursor of your mouse to the empty space. Your visitor will not know that your ads are there, and the only reason that they will move the mouse cursos to the empty space is random (or at least I think it’s random).

… or maybe it’s how we react when we visit websites and we want to read the contents? We automatically put the mouse cursor away from the text and onto the empty space?

Anyway, you should visit EmptySpaceAds today and look at their demo. If you have tested it already or if you have any thoughts regarding this, please let me know.

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