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Review of Click Here To Order By Joel Comm

I have just finished reading Click Here To Order: Stories of the world’s most successful Internet marketing entrepreneurs. The author is well-known marketer Joel Comm. I was going to finish it in just three days, reading a few hours a day, but that didn’t happen. I had too many other projects on my mind. The book was very easy to read though, and I really enjoyed reading it.

The book was fascinating. That was mostly due to the stories of the world’s most successful Internet marketers, and the fact that each of the stories began before they started their businesses. Joel Comm explained what each entrepreneur did before, why they started their business, and how they started it. He also explains why they became successful.

The stories in the book includes famous Internet marketers like: John Reese, Matt Bacak, Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Yanik Silver, Ken McCarthy, Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn, David Garfinkel, Terry Dean and Jason Potash.

First and foremost, the book is inspiring. You can read stories that most struggling Internet marketers can relate to. Some of the now famous ones have also struggled really hard, like Ladan Lashkari from Iran. She is only 20 years old, or at least she was at the time Click Here To Order was published. Living in Iran, she didn’t have access to things most of us takes for granted. Like a credit card, a PayPal account, a bank account that accepts wire transfers, able to cash USD checks, and travel around the world. So, it’s just amazing that she is so successful today.

I also find the story of Willy Crawford amazing. It sort of started when he was six years old, living with two younger brothers on a tobacco farm, and mostly raised by his 65-year-old grandma. The story is about how he learned cooperation, and how he learned to cook. And how cooking become the start of his online adventure.

You might not learn many new strategies and techniques by reading this book, but if you are looking for a book that will inspire you, I recommend that you read [WPMID=1].

If you are an Internet marketer, you just have to read it. Like me, you probably know most of the names in the book, but you just know them by reputation. Now, you can read the real stories behind the Internet marketing millionaires… and most of the stories are really fascinating.

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