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Are you more attractive when you repurpose blog posts?

It doesn’t feel any different than any other day, even though I am focused on the past.

I’m looking at some of my old blog posts; blog posts like the sound of marketing and I have been involved in drive-by shooting.

repurpose blog posts

I’m asking myself questions, questions about what I was thinking when I wrote the posts and why I wrote them. Some of the posts are fairly good, some are not. Some are similar to the posts I have recently published, especially the one about Social Media Policy, others are completely different, I’m thinking about posts like She turns me on.

The reason I’m looking at old blog posts

It’s refreshing. I like to look at the past in order to improve. I have thought about deleting some of them, because a lot has changed during the years. It’s not just the way I write. The reason I’m writing has changed. How I look at life and business has changed. But, reading them makes me realize that things are improving.

It’s soothing. It’s not always as bad as I think. I’m looking at the old posts and I’m thinking that it was a different time and a different setting. It’s not just about improving, but to share or repurpose the old posts that I still find interesting. I’m thinking about posts like I promised her something she would never forget.

How I am doing it

At the moment, I’m looking through my archives and finding posts to share. I’m not sharing everything by using a plugin. I could have automated the process, but I want to be in 100% control.

I’m sharing old posts via CoSchedule.

That’s it. I haven’t improved them. I haven’t edited a single word. I just want them to be read (again).

Repurposing the old

The next step might be to create something new, and convert old into different (and better). It shouldn’t be that hard to turn old blog posts into:

… with a little help from my friends.

But, I’m asking myself why should I repurpose old blog posts?

Your turn?

I’ve just now started to share old blog posts. I haven’t tried to convert them into something different. It sounds like a good thing, and it might not be that difficult either.

Are you sharing your old blog posts?

Have you converted old blog posts into a whitepaper, a guide, slideshare, an infographic, a video, a podcast, a webinar, or something else?

Let’s discuss.

14 responses to “Are you more attractive when you repurpose blog posts?”

  1. Danny Brown says:

    It’s funny, mate, these kind of thoughts have been going through my own head recently.

    I’ve been repurposing some posts from the very early days into a new book I’m working on, and changing some of the words to be more relevant to today, as well as the topic of the book (creating a better world around us).

    When I look back at some of those early posts, I have a mixture of cringing, and smiling at how I “spoke” then versus how my voice is today.
    And it made me think, do bloggers ever go back and so “special editions” of earlier work (much like George Lucas re-imagined Star Wars once the technology caught up)?

    Ebooks make sense, as do Slideshares, etc. But I wonder if we can go past that, and bring ideas up-to-date while honouring how different an earlier post may have been?

    • I have thought about writing a book based on some of my old blog posts as well. The title was “The end of marketing” and it was pure fiction, but focused on teaching marketing. I’ll be interested in knowing more about your thoughts on bringing ideas up-to-date while honoring how different an earlier post may have been. I’m thinking of having a “conversation” between two or more posts. Going back and forth. 

      • Danny Brown says:

        “A conversation between two or more posts” – now there’s an interesting concept! Would be cool to see how that plays out.

        • Me too. I just thought of this, and I’m thinking that it could be an interesting way to write a new post.

          And, maybe show ways to improve an old post, show exactly what you would have done differently if you’d written a post about the same topic today.

  2. I too revisit oldies and some aren’t goodies LOL. Sometimes I rewrite, or, add some content, and other times I delete the post all together because my voice is fully different from 11 months ago, till now. I’ve been blogging from paradise for 4 years but Blogging from Paradise for almost 1 year on my blog, so things have changed so much over that time frame, including my writing style.

    I am huge on repurposing through eBooks these days. Piece of cake to add 6 or 7 K words to a 2 K post from my earlier eBooks, then I do some formatting, then upload to Kindle for a $2.99 journey into paradise.

    Not bad eh? 😉 And it’s a nice treat, a sweet reward, for publishing in-depth, long form content regularly.


  3. Hi Jens, Yes, I think of this sometimes with my tech articles. Sometimes I feel that tech should be getting more attention. I wrote one article in March about how you can use the Find My iPhone app even after the battery dies. That’s one article I wish every iPhone owner should read.

    I will probably revisit the topic someday because I want to be sure everyone knows how to turn this feature on. About a month after I wrote the article a friend said her son lost his iPhone and they couldn’t find it because the battery was dead. She had missed my article.

    Some people do a year-end “Best of” roundup of their best articles. I haven’t done that because what’s best for some people might not be best for others. I’ve also seen people republish older articles. But if you get search traffic, that could be a problem for Google.

    Ashvini has suggested that I repurpose my articles into a Kindle book. Ashvini’s idea is a great one, but I’m so busy writing 3 articles a week that I don’t have much free time to turn my articles into a Kindle book. But if I were it would be about tips and tricks for iPhone users (such as how to find your iPhone even if the battery is dead!).

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Your articles are great to convert into something new and different. You should do a video of your “best” posts. For instance, it would be awesome if you would show exactly how the Find My iPhone works in a video. This way you’ll reach a lot more people as well, and some learn best reading, others learn by watching.

      Have you done any video?

  4. Hi Jens,

    I use a plugin to automate sharing older blog posts. Recently though, I received a sarcastic (and borderline nasty) tweet from someone (who I don’t know or follow) accusing me of tweeting an old post and taking advantage of an opportunity. (It was tweeted automatically.)

    I have no idea what the “opportunity” (that I was trying to exploit) was. The post he was referring to was about GoDaddy and it shared an infographic. (I am not a fan of GoDaddy based on personal experience with them.)

    Rather than engage in a conversation with the individual, I chose to not acknowledge his tweet and that was the last I heard from him. (My gut feeling was that he wasn’t someone that I cared to get to know better.) So, maybe it’s time for me to check out CoSchedule.

    As for converting old posts, I have not done that yet but I really think that my Friday Finds series would lend themselves well to SlideShare presentations. Then again, I’ve been told that repurposing content can be very time consuming.

    Enjoyable post! Thanks.

    • Hi Sherryl,

      I believe you did right not to acknowledge his tweet, acknowledging it would most likely just drain your energy and it would not end up being a positive experience. But, having control of what you share is important. I also share old posts, but they are all handpicked by me. This way I’ll only share posts I believe has “great” value for my followers. I have a lot of posts that doesn’t add any value (at least not anymore) 🙂

      I’ve been thinking about outsourcing the work with my old posts. It’s probably time consuming, and I’m not good at anyhting but writing, so hiring a professional to create an infographic or a SlideShare presentation would be awesome. I have been looking at Fiverr and there are some brilliant people there that could help us do just that.

  5. Tim Bonner says:

    I’m doing the same as you at the moment Jens. I just share old stuff using CoSchedule.

    I do plan to edit the really old stuff. I started work on it. I’d originally set posts up to show the date that they’d been updated.

    Other things got in the way though and my to do list went out of the window. So I just changed the dates back to the published date again for now.

    It’s a great idea to repurpose them. I’ve thought about using Slideshare much more. To date I think I’ve done one thing on Slideshare!

    • Hi Tim,

      I have thought about removing the dates on my posts, since I’m seeing how I’m looking at old posts myself. If I search for something on Google and I see that the post is several years old, I’m usually thinking that I want new or more updated information. But, when I look at my old posts I’m thinking that the information is not old, it’s still higly relevant and they should have more readers. So, I’ve been thinking that removing the dates might help me get more readers to the old posts. What’s your thought on that?

      And, how do you set your posts up to show the date that they’ve been updated without them being like new posts in your RSS feed? Or is it ok to get them to show up as “new” posts?

      • Tim Bonner says:

        I’ve considered removing dates too Jens. I know some in the blogging community frown upon it but if you look at a great many successful blogs, they’ve done it without issue.

        The argument against is that some people place high relevance on the published date. They’re less likely to read something that is published 3 years ago even if it’s still relevant. People who think that won’t read a post without a date as it falls outside of their comfort zone.

        I haven’t completely decided what I going to do yet. I wrote about how to add the date a post was updated a few months ago. I’ll put the link in here if that’s okay but feel free to delete it.

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