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Renewals at GoDaddy and PayPal

Oh no, not again. I am getting tired of being so stupid 🙂

I have just received an e-mail from PayPal with a receipt from a renewal of one of my domains at GoDaddy. A domain that I wanted to cancel. I haven’t used it for a while, and now I have it for one more year. I guess things are going a little fast for me in the online world. I have too many domains and too many subscriptions at PayPal, and I never seem to take the time to actually look at what I have and cancel what I am not using.

I don’t blame anybody but myself. It was not more than $9.97, it’s not the amount, but I just can’t believe I forgot to cancel my subscriptions once more. Today, I think I just have to use a few minutes at PayPal to cancel everything, or else I will get another receipt in a month or two… a receipt for something I don’t want. It’s ok if you have bought something you’d like, but I don’t like paying for something I just don’t want or use any more.

So, if you have many subscriptions like me, take a few minutes right now and log in to PayPal and take a look at what you have, maybe you should cancel a few yourself.

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