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Remember the details

Many times, remembering the details about a person is how you impress them, and it’s how you make them smile, and it’s how to get a yes every single time.

Most of the time, you need a system to help you remember. You need help to remember the details, and you need help to remember the interaction with current and future clients. You need a method to understand when it’s time to follow up.

This is why I am using Contactually (my affiliate link).

9 responses to “Remember the details”

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Is this a sponsored post? The link looks like a referral link. Just curious.

    • No, it’s my affiliate link. I probably should have mentioned it in the post.

      • Danny Brown says:

        So that’s why it’s called sly marketing… 😉

        I jest. Different countries have different rules, I’m just pernickety about disclosure, given the amount of education classes I’ve run for local businesses/PR agencies over the last 12 months in Canada.

        The UK has an interesting approach, where it doesn’t matter where you (the blogger) lives, you need to adhere to the advertising laws of the country your audience is reading it in.

        Perhaps this is the shape of things to come online?

        • Yes. I just forgot, but you’ve got a point about the sly marketing 🙂 I’ve added it to the post now. I’m all for it, even though it’s different rules in different countries. One law for everything online, that would be interesting and a lot easier for all of us.

          • Danny Brown says:

            I guess the question would be who enforces it, given there are so many different agencies globally for this.

            Perhaps a newly created one, that bloggers, brands, etc, “buy” into, and they display a visual sign of sorts that shows they’re part of the “approved publishers” when it comes to disclosure and operating within the law.

  2. Angela says:

    yes it is so true that people appreciate when so
    meone remembers them,it makes one feel important and appreciated.

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