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Relax Alarm is My First Paid iPhone Application

I have been using my iPhone for a few months without download and testing many of the applications found in the app store. But things are changing.

Earlier today, I bought my first iPhone application.

The application I bought was Relax Alarm, formerly known as Tranquil Alarm, and basically it’s an alarm clock for the iPhone.

The iPhone comes with a clock and an alarm, but I wanted something amazing. I wanted a lot of different sounds to choose from.

When the alarm is waking me up at 0500 am, I want it to be as gentle as possible. Therefore, I am picky when it comes to sounds.

I have tested Relax Alarm, and I am satisfied. It does close to everything I was hoping that it would do, and the sounds are perfect. Tomorrow, I’ll be waking up to birds and the breeze somewhere in the mountains.

There are only one thing I don’t like, but I guess I can’t blame the people behind this application for this.

The alarm is still working if I turn the iPhone into “sleep” mode, by pressing the button on the top edge. That’s perfect, but if my phone is in “sleep” mode, it’s really hard to turn the alarm off. There is no single button to turn it off then. So, basically, the Relax Alarm application need to be active, and the digital clock needs to be showing when I am going to use the alarm.

That’s ok, but it will use a lot of power, and I am not sure if this is such a good idea when it comes to the screen. The numbers of the clock will be showing constantly for up to eight hours.

I’ll be testing it, probably with the power connected, and I’ll write another update in a few weeks.

So far, I am very satisfied with Relax Alarm.

Take a closer look at Relax Alarm in the App Store.

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