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Why relationships are more important in 2013 than ever before

I remember when I was much younger than I am now. My friends and I, we had such an amazing time when we went to the movie theatre to watch the latest movies. We bought all sorts of candy, and the funny part, was that we were really excited watching the advertisements. Actually, we had a contest, who got the best advertisements.

The reason we were so excited about the advertisements, was that we hardly experienced any outside the movie theatre. It might be because I was living in Norway, but what was it like when you were young?

We didn’t know anything about marketing. We had no idea what a really good commercial was. At the time, a funny commercial, was a good one. That was about it. And, Coca-Cola had some of the best advertisements.

coca cola zero marketing

Thinking back, I realize that there are many reasons why things have changed so dramatically. But, like I said, there is one thing that makes us less interested in advertisements, and less likely to take action. Think about it: I am visiting the movie theatre more than ever, but even though I’m working in marketing, I don’t care much about the ads that they are showing. I understand why we still need ads. But, there are advertisements close to everywhere we look. And, the competition is enormous. Every single person is getting tired of watching the same things everywhere. And, the people who are not getting tired, are soon becoming immune. It’s just too much.

What happens if you, instead of focusing on making the best advertisements, focused on building strong relationships and taking care of your current customers, like they were your best friends – or even your own grandmother?

Now, that’s something to talk about, and that’s something to add to your strategy.

I can’t say no to a friend. I just can’t. And, I do become friends with people in business. The people who are my friends, they get me as a customer. And, I keep buying what they are selling, again and again. So, I say, focus on building loyal customers, and focus on building raving fans. Advertisements and cheap prices will never beat a strong relationship.

Let me ask you this; are businesses competing to get your friendship, or are they still just competing to get your attention?

6 responses to “Why relationships are more important in 2013 than ever before”

  1. SJ Scott says:


    So true. Networking and making relationships is so more important these days than just advertising.

    I think more and more people are noticing this and slipping in advertising, “between the cracks”. On TV they still have ads (of course) but there is also product placement in a lot of TV shows and movies. If James Bond is driving a Astin Martin, you can be sure they are paying through the nose for that.

    For sure the game is changing and people are getting blind to those traditional advertising methods.

  2. Funny, Mr. Scott mentions product placement, because it’s getting quite funny. Just the other day I was watching a show about some very rich peeps looking for condos in NYC and every time the real estate agent hopped into his car, there was the money shot of his shiny Audi A8 😉

  3. David Aleksandersen says:

    Totally agree. We’re on the move from – or already in – the relationship era rather than the information era. And looking at how people do business now, it is clear that a lot of businesses knows far more than earlier about their customers, but are just not capable of capitalizing on it. We believe the information “truth” from the CRM rather than what the relationship truth and trust we’ve built over years of relationships…

  4. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Agreed 😀

    But, there are many powerful advertisements – the emotional ones, with powerful stories. I am not sure whether they establish a relationship with the customers.

    I suppose they do. They make a connection with ourselves, with our “humanity”.

    I am starting to see a lot of smart ads (then again, it might be because I don’t watch TV. Most of the ads I see are online :D). A lot of businesses/marketing experts are turning their attention towards relationships. Trying to build a relationship with the potential customers.

    The best (and latest) example I can think of is Kindle’s Mayflower feature – Video support 24/7. Now, that’s just awesome. It shows that Amazon cares about their customers. Plus, it allows us them to build a relationship with the customer and solve their problems, faster. Who wouldn’t like that?

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