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The Refund Marketing Strategy

If you tell your visitors that you have only had 2 refunds out of 1000 orders, your visitors will most likely think that people who purchase your product are happy with it. If you have  a 30–day unconditional guarantee (full refund), and if very few people have asked for a refund, you should tell the world about it.

A lot of digital products, like products you can buy from ClickBank, they have a 30–day full guarantee. A lot similar to the one provided by Affiliate Silver Bullet. Just look at the bottom of the page:

Gain access to the Affiliate Silver Bullet System right now, and put it to the test for the next 30 days. If you don’t see a huge profit jump by then, you can cancel at any time during your first 30 days, and get every cent of your money back. After that you can cancel at any time and never pay another penny! No hassles and no questions asked.

If very few people have asked for a refund, you should use it as a marketing strategy to tell the world about it. It means that your buyers are very satisfied with your product. And the more people who are satisfied with your product, the more people will probably buy it. It’s a lot like word-of-mouth marketing. Most people love to read reviews about products, and most people would like to hear from people who have already bought the product, just so they can be sure that it works before they spend money on it.

If very few people have asked for a refund, you can tell the world why they asked for the refund. If the refund reasons are not directly related to your product’s performance, then you have nothing to lose by telling. For example, you can write that “one guy really liked my product but needed to ask for a refund because of financial hardship that came up”.

The refund marketing strategy is very easy to use. Tell the world about the few people who have asked for a refund, and why so few people have asked for it.

2 responses to “The Refund Marketing Strategy”

  1. Armannd says:

    They say that DJs are the new rock stars. And because I have been a DJ myself for a while, I can tell you that it is true. Also, I can say that creating a bond with the crowd is pretty easy.

    Three things are needed.

    First off is the name.
    Second is what is actually played.
    Third is the personal bond with the crowd.

    The third ingredient is by far the most important, but it doesn’t work if the other two are lacking.
    I believe that any artist who doesn’t create a bond with his crowd shouldn’t get on a stage. 🙂

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Armannd,

    I don’t know much about DJ’s, but I know that some of them are really popular. and maybe you are right that they are the new rock stars (it would be interesting to see a great dj … can you suggest one that I can watch at YouTube?).

    I agree with you regarding the three that are needed for success.

    Thanks for sharing.

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