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How I am Receiving More Subscribers Now Than When I was using a Popup

I have been testing many different methods to get subscribers to my newsletter. And, one of the methods I’ve been using with the best conversion rate, is various forms of pop-ups. There are many reasons why pop-ups still works, but maybe the most obvious reason, is that it grabs the reader’s attention. It’s close to impossible not to see the pop-up.

But, like I’ve said before, I really don’t like pop-ups, it’s too obtrusive. So, I decided a while ago that I was going to stop using Pop-Up Domination, and start testing different methods to get new subscribers.

Subscription form in the sidebar

I have been using a subscription form in the sidebar for a long time. I have tested different alternatives, and I will continue to test them, because I still haven’t discovered something that really works in the sidebar. Don’t get me wrong. I do get subscribers from the subscription form in my sidebar every single day, but the numbers are not that great.

I know that I am not using a bait, a free ebook, or something that people really want. Well, I am using it, but what I’m not telling people is that they’ll receive two ebooks that I’ve written, as soon as they sign up. I am not using the bait (at the moment), because I want to see if people who are not subscribing in order to get a great [free] offer, will stay subscribed to my newsletter for longer.

What works better

optinskin subscription forms

I have been using Optinskin on and off for a while, I have even written about why I bought Optinskin. But, the thing is, that I didn’t use it right the first time. I just created a form and that was it. Now, I am testing various “skins” and I am testing different locations and ways to show it to my readers. I am doing split-testing, and I am seeing a better result than when I was using a pop-up.

You can say that some of the methods I am using with Optinskin is fairly annoying as well, since they’re straight in your face type of subscription forms. But, they’re still not blocking the content. And, there should be now problem reading the content, clicking on the links and going to a different article or a different site, without having to exit the subscription form.

The results so far, with my testing of the various designs in Optinskin, have been a better conversion rate than when I was using a pop-up.

I am finally finding a way to get subscribers to my newsletter, without doing something I don’t want to be doing.

How do you get subscribers?

Are you using a plugin to get subscribers to your newsletter, or how are you doing it? I’d love to get some feedback on both the method I’m currently using (do you find it annoying), and what works for you.

Let’s discuss it.


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