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Reality as the Internet Marketing strategy

Reality TV is incredibly popular these days, not only in Europe or the US, but it seems to be popular all across the globe. I am not saying that you should use The Bachelor or American Idol as a marketing strategy, but that you should learn something from what people are occupied with and what people are looking for; we all want some excitement.

All the reality shows have one thing in common; you (the audience) are watching stuff as they happen. It’s sort of tv in real time, even though most reality tv shows are not in real time. They are just produced that way (well, most of what happens is probably in real time though).

Watching tv shows as they are updated in real time are exciting to people. If you use the same strategy for your marketing, you can discover something interesting. More and more people might enjoy visiting your websites, and more people will buy your products and/or services.

What I am talking about is having a marketing strategy where you use the words “it’s updated in real time”, because this tells your prospects that something related to your product or service shows live stats.

For instance, if you are only going to sell 500 copies of your product. Provide real time stats where people will see how many products you have sold so far. This way, your prospects will visit your website to have a look at how the sales are going, and many might want to buy because they are looking at the stats and are afraid that they will be missing out.

Reality stats can be a very good technique to persuade people to purchase your product or make them take some other action.

You don’t have to show how many copies you have left to sell, you can also use the reality effect on almost anything.

How many people have bought your product so far, how many people are currently visiting your website, how much have you earned from your sales so far or the results of your affiliate contest. Just use your imagination.

As long as the results are in real time, people will stop by more often. Most people are looking for a little excitement, and if you provide just a few real time stats on your website, it might be enough to make your website sticky and a real traffic magnet.

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  1. Brian Armstrong says:

    Hey Jens,

    Checkout as an alternative to Aweber, might save you a bunch of $$.


  2. Jens says:

    Hi Brian,

    FeedmailPro looks good 🙂


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