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A real marketing trick for you

I am a man, yes I just have to admit it. I am a man in every meaning of the word. Men have a tendency to do stuff that only men do 🙂 And when it comes to marketing, it actually helps to take advantage of this… you will understand what I am talking about soon.

We men (yes, I am talking about all men – but I probably shouldn’t be) like hot girls, just admit it. Yesterday I found myself clicking on a few pictures at the new community of bloggers at MyBlogLog, and the pictures were of really beautiful women. I didn’t mean to, but when I sort of woke up I realized what I had done 🙂

You probably understand that I am just kidding here, but what I did was this. I think that there are some truth at what I am trying to tell you with the example above. Men have a tendency to click on profiles of good looking women instead of mediocre guys (or women for that matter). So I clicked on some profiles to check and some of the profiles of really good looking women had men behind them (not pictures of men). But on the profile it says sex and a few had answered male.

This is no coincidense, I think that it actually might help to get pictures of good looking women to your profile at communities and forums. But if you should do it, that’s another question. I don’t, I just have an ordinary picture of myself and I don’t think that I am getting any extra clicks 🙂

It would be sort of interesting to try to put a very sexy picture on there just to see what happened to my profile stats. First, I should try one month with a sexy women then one month with a sexy guy…. just to see if there’s any difference between the sexes 😉

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