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A Real Marketing Secret?

I don´t think that a lot of people knows about what I am going to tell you today. It´s a free marketing strategy that really works and it doesn´t take many minutes a day to use it. I bet you are eager to find out what I am talking about…

I am talking about using Technorati. If you are not sure what Technorati is, look it up at Wikipedia, they have a great definition. Well, Technorati is a search engine for blogs and more. They way you should use it, is that you should search for a specific business. For instance, if you are Tim (a great guy and a frequent reader of my blog) you would want to know what people are saying about your traffic exchange. He owns StartXchange, a great traffic exchange with more than 23 thousand members. I bet you that many people are posting messages about StartXchange on their blogs. Tim should then do a search at Technorati for StartXchange, and he should then subscribe to the search term. Now, every time someone posts something about StartXchange, Tim will get a notification in his feed reader with the subject and the text. He will stay updated on “everything” that is happening at blogs all over the world regarding his traffic exchange. And he can comment on them all, without too much efforts on his part.

Now, if you don´t own a business like Tim, but you are a member of an network marketing company like Global Domains International, Aweber or a different company. You could / should use Technorati like the example above. Do a search for GDI or Aweber, then subscribe to the feed. You will get a notification everytime Technorati picks up a post about the company. You can then comment on the post and you should do it in your favor. For instance, many people might be posting questions about the company in their blog, or maybe things like “should I join GDI or not?” You can comment on stuff like that with information about your experience, and soon you might have a new signup.

Sometimes people post negative thoughts about the company and rumors about it, you can be the first to comment and try to guide the person back in to the company or help them stay there and so on. If you are eager to make money with your company, you should be updated on posts on other blogs about it, and you should comment and “talk” to fellow members and people thinking about joining. This way, you will become a leader and your name will soon be all over the Internet and related to that company in particular.

Is it a real marketing secret? Well, I am not sure, but I know for a fact that only a few people I know of are using this strategy. Hopefully you will realize how important it is.

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