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Ready Made Review Sites March Update

I was really excited when I first joined Ready Made Review Sites. Everything about this system seemed close to perfect. Anthony Hull and Jason Gazaway had done a amazing job. I joined, and my hopes were high, this system would be wonderful as an automatic affiliate marketing product.

A few weeks later, I became a little sceptical.

I joined Ready Made Review Sites in order to stop focusing on ways to earn money, and concentrate on how to get traffic and write better content for my blogs. Like I said, the system seems close to perfect.

The reason I ended up to be more sceptical after a few weeks, was because I talked to several members, and none of them had made any sales. I hadn’t made any sales (I never did much about the PPC campaign, it was promoted using my blog). I have checked my stats, and the website received no less than 20 unique visitors a day. That’s not a lot, but during a month, I think that that kind of traffic should at least make one sale. I wasn’t sure why such an incredible system didn’t make any sales.

… and I still don’t understand.

Yesterday, I received the March update from Ready Made Review Sites and I am still as amazed by how it looks, and how it seems to work.

The March update is SEO Product Reviews. A website with reviews about three top SEO products, videos, articles, and an autoresponder (seven messages). It looks very professional.

Last month, the first month, all members received Blogging Product Reviews. And that’s why I was so excited about the system. Everything above was included.

My question still remains, why are members not making sales? Some are probably earning money, but the ones I have talked to are still not earning a dime (me included). The system seems to be perfect.

Two reasons why the February system did not work:

There are many people promoting exactly the same website. I am not sure how many though, but I think that people who sees the same sales page all over, might end up being sceptical.

The products are great, but kind of old? I have bought a few of the products myself, and they are plain awesome. The problem though, is that they have been available for a few monhts. This might be the reason why few people are buying?

I don’t think it’s anything wrong with the system, other than that it should be a way to customize the sales pages and include brand new products (but the products are new enough, and amazing, so I guess that’s not really a problem).

Two reasons why the March update is better:

We received the source file for the header (PSD). Now, all members can easily customize “everything”.

We have also received the video files (mp4), and we are now able to submit them to all the video sharing sites (this should generate traffic).

I am thinking that March is a lot better than February, what about you?

This is the sales page of Ready Made Review Sites

2 responses to “Ready Made Review Sites March Update”

  1. Robert A. Henru says:

    Hi Sly, interesting thoughts.
    But I thought that “all marketers are liars”, or maybe I should put it that “all successful marketers are liars”, as what Seth Godin put in the title of his book. I haven’t read the book, so wondering what’s your opinion =)

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Robert,

    I haven’t read the book either, but I am about to order it 🙂

    I believe that all “successful” marketers are bending the truth (not liars), but that there are no questions whether it’s marketing or not.

    For instance, as a marketer you can say a lot of good stuff about a product, the stuff you say might be too good, but when you say it… the person you are saying it to should understand that you are trying to convince him to buy the product.

    There are many examples of undercover marketing, where people don’t understand that they are sort of “victims” for marketing campaigns.

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