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Ready Made Review Sites and Search Engine Traffic

As I told you a few days ago, I have paid for a seven day trial of Ready Made Review Sites. My first impression of Ready Made Review Sites is that it’s close to awesome. Today, I am writing a follow up. I have a few more thoughts, and I have been having a closer look at my first review site from Ready Made Review Sites.

This is the website I received for February: Blogging Product Reviews

This is the sales page of Ready Made Review Sites.

The Reviews

This months reviews contains three incredible popular ebooks about blogging. Blogging to the bank 3 by Rob Benwell, Super Affiliate Blogger by Gobala Krishnan, and John Yeo’s Blogger’s Paycheck. Nothing to say about the products, they are plain awesome all three of them. What I like about the reviews are the details and that they are straight to the point. To me, the reviews are perfect. Not too long, and not sort, and they seems to be sort of unbiased (even though nothing is unbiased).

The webdesign

The webdesign is colorful and really professional. The first time I visited the review page, I was really impressed by the delightful design, and that it was so easy to read and find what I was looking for. To me, the design is perfect for a review page.

The copywriting

Everything written seems easy to understand, even for a Norwegian. They have used plain english. Nothing fancy, as I said, straight to the point.

The videos

The videos are professional, no doubt about that. Each of the videos are about 7 minutes long. The only thing I don’t like, is that sometimes, the guys voice on the video stops, a few seconds later he keeps on talking. It looks and sounds like they did quite a bit of editing. It might be because of my slow Internet connection though.

It’s optimized for search engines

I never thought that I would get any visitors from Google directly to my review site, even though the sales page said that the review page is optimized for search engines. I added a title, a description and a few keywords. I didn’t do any research regarding the keywords, but I added keywords related to the products on my review page.

My blogging product review page hasn’t received a lot of visitors from search engines so far, but the same day I published the website, I received 12 visitors from Google. I haven’t done anything other than added a few keywords. I was very surprised, and I am looking forward to see what will happen during the next days.

It has an integrated affiliate cloaker script

One of the problems when you sell products from ClickBank is the hop link. It’s very easy to change the id, and steal the commission. I usually cloak all my clickbank links, from the Ready Made Review Sites, all my links to the products are automatically cloaked. It seems to work, although I had one problem with the link from one of the videos.

The autoresonder messages

Along with the review page, I received seven prewritten emails related to the products and the review page. They are well-written, and I especially like the content. The link back to the review page is at the bottom of each email, it doesn’t seem that you are sending the email only to sell and earn a profit. All the emails are packed with tips and good content.

The articles

At the bottom (in the footer) of the review page, there is a link to articles related to the topic of the month. There are 10 professional written articles, and the headlines for February are:

You can read all the articles at Blogging Product Reviews.

Will I continue as a member of Ready Made Review Sites?

Yes, I think so. I think I am going to try it for at least two months. But I will let you know for sure in a couple of days or so.

So far, I haven’t made any sales based on the review page, but it’s only been two days.

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