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Quill Engage – How I Use Google Analytics

I am now using Quill Engage, a free service that sends me detailed reports on the statistics I need to know about my website. I am not sure when was the last time I logged in to Google Analytics. I just don’t need to do it anymore.

Quill Engage

I have been using Google Analytics for a long time. I started writing about my experience by sharing articles like; how to find Google Analytics bounce rate, and then the last article I wrote, the only two Google Analytics stats you need. I’ve been writing about why I don’t spend much time analyzing my statistics anymore. In a few sentences, it’s because I believe in – Think Less. Act More.

I spend my time writing.

Quill Engage and their amazing reports

The reports I receive every week from Quill Engage are short and detailed. They are exactly what I need. I read the report in just a few minutes, and after reading it, I understand exactly how I’ve been doing lately. It’s not just about the past week, but it compares statistics with the past year as well.

The design is beautiful. It starts out with large numbers, either green if you’ve been doing better, or red if not. All the advice I receive are actionable, that means it’s something I can do something about, almost immediately. It’s easy to understand, and so far, I’ve always understood not just what I should be doing, but also why. Quill Engage is a great resource, and it’s completely free.

The report I receive from Quill Engage have links to the numbers, the actionable advice, and the links are direct linking into my Google Analytics account. That means it’s easy to dig deeper into the analytics and discover even more, if that’s something I’d like to do.

Is Quill Engage everything I need?

I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I received my first report. And, at the moment, the answer is yes. But, I guess it depends on how many details I’m looking for and if I’m doing a campaign, or working for a client. I’m sure it would be enough stats and details for clients as well, but at the moment, the report from Quill Engage is not translated into Norwegian, so I guess I’d have to do the translation before sending it to clients.

This is how the Quill Engage Report looks like

Thank you Brian Hawkins from Hot Blog Tips. He told me about Quill Engage and now he was kind enough to share the image from one of his reports. This is how it looks.

quill engage reports

12 responses to “Quill Engage – How I Use Google Analytics”

  1. Hi Jens, I’ve been using Quill Engage for a while and I think it’s amazing. especially for those of us in a hurry.

    I love the way it takes the highlights and puts them into easy to understand comments. I took a screenshot of a Quill Engage from my personal blog (I rarely go there myself so it has very little content or traffic) and put it on a url where I’m testing Postachio. I was going to attach it to this comment but it’s huge. I’ll tweet you the link so I’m not spamming your blog.

  2. Mickey Rausch says:

    Hi Jens – Thanks for writing about Quill Engage! We are thrilled that you are happy with the reporting.
    Anyone interested in signing up for our FREE app can go to and subscribe up to 10 Google Analytics profiles. Feel free to send us any feedback at

  3. Josh says:

    I like Quill. Been using it for a couple of months and I think it has done a nice job of providing me with a simple and easily understood overview of my stats.

  4. Hi Mickey,

    Thanks for your comment. I am very satisfied with Quill Engage, and I’m thinking about adding more of my sites to your system. The reports are awesome!

  5. Thanks for this Jens. Ill have to take a look. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. I’ve been looking for something specifically like this. THANK YOU!

  6. Carol Amato says:

    Hi, Jens,

    Wow, really? Didn’t know this existed until now. Thanks for sharing your tips with us. Will be checking out Quill now because I really need an easier way to keep up with my stats.

    Thanks much! Have a blessed day.
    Carol Amato

    • Hi Carol,

      Yes, Quill Engage is awesome, and it’s more or less the only thing I’m using at the moment. I don’t visit Google Analytics often and I don’t feel that I need all the details. I just read the report from Quill Engage once a week and that’s enough for me.

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