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Promotional Coupon for TweetAdder

There’s currently a promotion coupon for TweetAdder, they’ve added it because of the Tax Free Weekend in the USA.

What’s Tax Free Weekend?

In the USA, they have a tax free weekend close to when school is about to start back up for the kids. This means no one has to pay taxes on purchases for the weekend only.

This creates a rush to the malls and shopping centers for people to spend their money. We’ve something like this in Norway when it’s close to Christmas.

The Promotional Coupon

Right now, you can get a 35% discount code called “taxfree” on TweetAdder from now until 11:59pm EST Monday Night.

I’ve been using TweetAdder for a few months, and I’m really satisfied. Follow me on Twitter, and you’ll see that using TweetAdder have increased my followers to close to 5,000.

Remember, the code is “taxfree” (without the “) to get your 35% discount.

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