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Promoting yourself as a window cleaner or convicted felon

I must say that I am a little amused about the way some people promote their products. It probably works, because they are earning a lot of money doing it (or at least so it seems), but to me it’s nothing more than amusing.

I am referring to people who are using a low status occupation to convince us that if he, the window cleaner can make it big, then we all can do it if we just use their system. I am not even sure if this guy was a window cleaner or not (I am not saying that he didn’t clean windows), I think that some will just use this as a markting trick…

What about using the fact that you are a convicted felon? Will this in fact be something positive when it comes to online marketing? It seems to be, why else will an Internet millionaire use it on his sales page?

What about using the fact that you once were a homeless guy and you are now an Internet millionaire? Would you think that, if this guy can do it, so can I?

It’s interesting how the human mind works.

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  1. Tim says:

    Looks like a pricier version of – and with an affiliate program, sweet =P

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