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Promoting your site with Outgoing Links

I have been thinking about testing a script like this for a while, and now it’s finally the time. I am talking about a script that when people click on your outgoing links will get a narrow framebar at the top, even though they are at the website you linked to.

This way, your visitors will still have the name of your site at the top and an easy way to get back to your website, just click on the name of your site on the right side of the frame.

Let me give you an example of how it works. Just click on the link below, this is the link to where you can download the script for free. Just click at products – free downloads – php scripts – CJ Linkout after you have clicked on the link:

CJ Design

Do you see the frame at the top, and do you like it or do you find it annoying?

Do you think that you will get more traffic if you use a script like this?

I am giving it a try, I like it and I think that maybe it will work and I don’t find it annoying at least not so far. But I have a few thoughts, something that I might have to do myself or something the people behind the script could do in order to make it even better.

First, when you use the script to link to a long url, the url at the top frame doesn’t look that good, maybe they always should be using just the domain name and not the entire url? Click this cj-design link to get to where you can download the script.

Now, what I might want to do instead, that’s instead of showing the link to the site you have just entered. I would want to show an advertisement at the top left. It would be interesting to use it as a link to one of my affiliate programs instead.

Well, that’s just a thought, but I am not sure if it would work. If you like the script, you can download it at CJ Design for free.

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