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Promoting your Business at the Local Pizzeria

I must admit, I love pizza, it’s my favorite food. I can probably eat pizza every single day of the week. Today, I have eaten pizza for the third day in a row. I might eat something else tomorrow though, just so you won’t think I am weird (well, I am kind of weird when it comes to pizza).

Earlier today, I was at the local pizzeria and while I was waiting for my pizza, I looked at the menu. It was in big shiny letters on the wall. It was very easy to read the names of the various pizzas and the toppings.

Then it struck me…

Why not ask the owner of the local pizzeria to add your business name as the name for one of the pizzas? It can be a new pizza, or they can change the name of one of the pizzas on the menu.

I am not suggesting that they change the name of one of the original pizzas, like Pizza Romana and Pizza Capricciosa. But I would rather change the name of one of the local pizzas, or maybe add a new one (even suggest the toppings yourself).

I think that this could be a great idea, some of the local pizzerias are very popular. All sorts of people are visiting and it might not be that expensive either.

Think about this Tim, what about the StartXchange pizza, or Mikael, what about the IslamCrunch pizza 😉

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