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Promote Your Business Through 404 Error Pages

If you have a website, the chance that you get traffic to pages that doesn´t exist are pretty good. The reason for this might be many, but as long as Google and other search engines index your site and you delete some of your old pages, people might find your old links at the search engines or maybe they bookmarked it a long time ago and now it was time to come back and visit. Well, I don´t know – the reason they find pages that don´t exist on your website might be many. Why I am writing this today is that I want to tell you what I do with people that can´t find the page they are looking for at my websites.

Most people have a standard 404 Error – Page Not Found displayed to their visitors. What I do is that I use this page to promote my business. I tell the visitors that the page they are looking for could not be found, but that I have something very interesting for them to look at instead. This is a way to grab your visitors attention.

If I hadn´t given them the attempting offer, they might just leave my site and never come back. You can take a look at my current 404 Error Page here.

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