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I promised her something she would never forget

I said, you look lovely, as soon as she opened the door. This is the prettiest I’ve ever seen you. Your dress is perfect, and the color, it turns your eyes into diamonds.

I could tell, from looking at her smile, that this night was going to be fantastic. And, I did have something special planned for her.

We were in Gothenburg (Sweden). Her hotel room was exactly like mine, the only difference was the location. I could see the amusement park from her window.

I’m ready, she said. Why can’t you tell me what you’ve planned for tonight? You’re so… mysterious.

She had no idea.

We walked. She told me it was chilly. I smiled and said, we’re almost there.

I asked her; do you know why I love visiting Gothenburg?

I looked at her face. She looked at me, briefly. I could see that she was shivering. I didn’t wait for her to answer.

One of the reasons I love visiting Gothenburg, I said, is the fantastic vegetarian food. No matter where I turn, there’s a restaurant with vegetarian food. And, my favorite fast food place is Jonsborg, it’s located at the Avenu. We’re almost there.

She stopped. She didn’t say it, but I could see it on her face. What did you just say?

We’re almost there. Look at my finger. Look at where I’m pointing. You see that red sign. That’s it.

The reason I’m so fascinated by Jonsborg, is not just about the food. They do serve awesome vegetarian burgers and vegetarian hot dogs, but what’s even more remarkable, is the customer service.

They remember who I am. They remember my name. They’re always smiling. They’re making me smile. I’m happy when I’m when I’m there.

She still didn’t say anything. But, she continued walking.

I opened the door for her. Her eyes told me that; my dress is way too nice for this place. I just smiled at her, and told her that I’d order her some fantastic vegetarian food. Just wait, I said. Sit on that stool, I’ll take care of it.

I talked to Magnus Jonsborg, the owner, and he promised that he’d make me some fantastic “alternative” vegetarian food. And he did.

But, she still didn’t smile. She said it was good. But, not exactly what she expected. What’s with the vegan food, she said. She looked at the sign, that said vegan mayonnaise. How do you make something like that? Don’t they use egg whites?

Magnus heard her question. He walked towards us, and said, wait a minute. I’ll show you. He walked back into the kitchen, and when he finally got back out to our table, he had brought his equipment and the ingredients. This is how I’m making it he said, and he started showing her.

magnus jonsborg

I could see her smile, and how fascinated she was, looking at Magnus creating the vegan mayonnaise. She started asking more questions, and when she finally tasted the mayonnaise, she told me it was the best mayonnaise she’d ever tasted. I’m not a vegan and I’m not a vegetarian, she said, but so far, I’m having a wonderful time. And, the food is great.

What’s next she said?

She started laughing when I told her that we’re going to the movie theater. I hope you like popcorn, I said.

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