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Progress is vital for business and life

my pumpkins are growing

I have added a minimalist blog design, but all I can think of right now is to look at them grow. Do you know that the only way you’ll ever be content with life (and business) is through progress? Look at my pumpkins, and you’ll understand. It doesn’t matter how much money you already have, or how successful you are, if you’re not experiencing progress, you’ll never be happy.

I remember writing about my one goal for 2012. That’s still a goal, but I have clicked the pause button for my novel, just for a few months. I need to get my business to where I want it to be, before I can continue on my writing adventure. My business is a huge part of my life now. I have more or less finished my Easter writing project, but I’m not sure what I’ll do about it. I might publish it as a very long article on my blog, or maybe I’ll send it as part of my newsletter (or it will end up in Amazon).

The thing is, I am all about progress. And, I’m not talking about earning a lot of money, or writing a best seller. I am looking for ways to fulfill my dreams. So, I have added a few more goals and ways that I’ll be showing progress during 2012.

Remember, progress is about you, and not the people who are looking at you from the outside. It doesn’t matter what other people are saying, what happens when my pumpkins stops growing?

My blog is my home

I want to make slymarketing my home. It’s a lot like my house online. I want it be filled with awesome content, and I want every single person who knocks on my door to feel welcome, and as soon as she enters, I want her to understand everything about me and what I want to accomplish by watching the great structure.

I will continue to hustle to make my blog the central hub of my business and everything I do online. I am creating a Norwegian version for my business, and I’m still not quite sure how to integrate the two. But that’s something I’ll be focusing on during the next weeks.

I will create my business plan

I still don’t have a business plan. I started my business on 1 April, and I love what I am doing. I’m an independent marketing consultant, and I help companies with their marketing strategy, I do speaking gigs, I create content. And do a lot when it comes to social media. I am confident that I have what it takes to be successful, but…

I am a newbie when it comes to business. I need to read books. I need tutorials. I need all the help I can get. And I need examples. I want to learn business from the people who understands business and have the experience that I don’t have. I have already done several mistakes, and I am sure that I will do several more, but I am confident in my progress.

I will write more guest posts and be more visible

I love to write, and I want to write more, and show you what I can accomplish with content. My business plan, the one that I haven’t created yet, will be focusing on creating high quality content.

I believe that one of the best ways to become a better writer, is to practice the art of writing. I still write every single day, and I feel that I am progressing, but I want to write on different levels, and on different topics (related to productivity, self development and everything related to marketing).

That’s why I have decided that I want to write more guest posts. In 2011, I believe that I wrote two guest posts, and that was it. The first one was for Carolyn at Wonder of Tech. The guest post was called The 10 Real Reasons Why I Love Spotify. The second guest post was for Bill and was calledΒ How Fanta Destroyed Everything.

So far in 2012, I have given my first interview, and it was to Sonia at Logallot, Blogger Spotlight – Jens P. Berget, and I have written two guest posts and they were both published this week.

This weeks guest posts:

The first guest post was published at Ben’s Quick Blog Tips and is called 3 Things I Would Do Differently If I Started Blogging Today. There are many things I would do differently if I could start all over again, but I thought three things would be more than enough to focus on in a single post (I am not a big fan of list posts). The second guest post was just published at Christian’s Smarty Blog Designs and is called The Importance of Creating Strong Relationships with your Customers. I wrote about an interesting experience with a Mexican friend that I hadn’t seen for about 10 years. I learned a lot about marketing just by meeting my wonderful friend again.

I love feedback and …

The best way to keep growing and to experience progress is to get help and feedback from people. I have many brilliant mentors (I am not sure if they know that they are my mentors, but that’s not the point). I learn something new every single day, and that’s the part of blogging and marketing I really love. When you leave a comment, I always read it, no matter how short or long it is. And I reply, because I want a conversation.

Do you have any tips for me when it comes to creating a business plan, and a strategy for what I want to accomplish, or do you want me to write a guest post for your blog? Let me know, I am all ears.

2012 is a fantastic year.

35 responses to “Progress is vital for business and life”

  1. Bill Dorman says:

    Oh, I get it now; Petter Petter pumpkin etter, huh? I keep toying with the thought of a garden, but it hasn’t happened yet. I do know the Dorman’s from my immediate descendants knew how to live off the land.

    Of course, you can get anything online and I would do the same for a ‘sample’ business plan to give you ideas about capitalization, creating focus and direction and have a general idea of what you want this business to look like in 3-5 years. A plan can always be adjusted on the go, but it will give you a road map to start out with.

    Hope your weekend is going well; looks like we will be staying close to home, but that’s ok with me too as I don’t have to fight traffic anywhere on this holiday weekend.

    • Ah, I have forgotten about Peter Peter pumpkin eater πŸ™‚

      I’m looking for a book about entrepreneurship and one that can help me understand the important parts of business and being on a journey as an individual marketing consultant. Let me know if you’ve read any lately.

      Have a great weekend Bill. And if you ever want to get away from the traffic, go to Norway πŸ™‚

    • Lol, Bill, good pun. I figured you would be great at advising Jens, Bill, as you have been successful in such a tough field.

  2. Terry Conti says:

    Hi Jens,

    I can feel your motivation, your strength when reading your post. I like to add that no matter how much you learn or do to understand and make a great plan without action it’s all wasted knowledge.

    Too many people waste so much time learning and learning that they never take action! All within reason but there must come a time when you’ve got to get into action mode. As you and I both know the learning never stops.

    Terry Conti

    • Hi Terry,

      That’s true. Action is very important. Many of my friends have a lot of different ideas, but they keep thinking, and they have for years, without doing anyhting. And now I doubt that they’ll ever take action.

      To me, action is part of the progress. Thank you so much for the comment.

    • Arjun Rai says:

      I agree with you Terry about Jens, and their are hesitation and many other issues because that people dont take action and they left their ideas behind them, to take a action they have to be mentally strong.

  3. Jack says:

    Hi Jens,

    Your blog always feels welcoming to me. I never come here and wonder why I came to visit.

    Do you do anything to chart your progress?

    • Hey Jack,

      Thanks a lot for the compliment. This means a lot to me.

      I actually don’t track my progress (at least not at the moment). To me it’s just a feeling I have. I’m satisfied if I feel that I am having progress. But when it comes to my business, I probably should create a business plan and start tracking what I’m doing in order to understand if it’s progress or not – it’s very different in life.

  4. Hi Jens, Thanks again for your great guest post at The Wonder of Tech. Anyone who is considering a guest post from Jens should know they are getting a gem!

    Best of luck with your garden and your business, Jens. I’m sure they will both thrive!

    Ashvini’s blog is all about entrepreneurship. Well worth a visit.

  5. Jens, I for one see you everywhere! πŸ™‚

    I guess we just travel the same (blog) circles! LOL

    It’s been great watching Slymarketing as it grows, and I have no doubt you’ll continue to improve and tweak it, and continue adding great content for all to read and share!

    Take care my friend!

  6. DynnaLou says:

    This is a very important especially to business owners and we should make sure that progress is what we look up to when building a business.. Thanks!

  7. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Hi Sir jens, I like the article you share in here it was really informative keep it up sir..

  8. Linda Lofton says:

    Hello Jens,

    I surf the web a lot for an almost-60-year-old “business woman” — and I ran across you reading your guest blog on Smart Boy Designs. My husband is a lawyer (sole practitioner) and we have a small office that practices mostly workers’ compensation, car wreck, social security, etc. In actuality, we “fight” the big-boy insurance companies and don’t really get paid a lot to do it. But it’s become my passion.

    I play on the computer a lot and just decided I really need to take advantage of social media much more than I do. I created a FaceBook page for my husband’s business, I have a Twitter account saying I’m married to the best attorney in the world and I’ve started a blog (only 1 or 2 posts — but definitely planning more).

    At any rate, I wanted to say thank you for your article. I’m very new at all this and I need some mentors myself! It’s gratifying to know that people like you are out there! To listen to the news, only corporations are important… but I think you and I know differently!

    Thanks again & best wishes for much success!!!

    • Hi Linda,

      That’s awesome. Thank you so much for visiting my site. What you’re doing sounds very interesting and doing social media is definitively the way to go. It’s all about trying to add value to your readers.

      Let me know if you have any questions πŸ™‚

  9. Jens,

    Just wanted to say I’m loving the direction lately. And regarding design? It’s funny I just wrote a post on spartan blog design, as each time I come here, it’s an even cleaner, minimalist design. Looking good, Sir!

  10. Pubudu says:

    I used to do focus multiple things at once.But now doing one thing at a time.If you have a clear goal plan you can be really successful .

  11. Gerry Moss says:

    Actually, you already know a lot in marketing. What you need to learn is how to integrate it, improve it in your own way. I’m trying more ways to improve my marketing technique and I’m on the stage of trial and error. Others mistakes can be your success.

  12. You are right, one should identify first its goal before making any decision in life. Doing things without any purpose will surely make somebody burn out easily. Like in blogging, there are lots of challenges to be faced, but that won’t matter if you are sure that what you are doing is something that you like.

  13. Catherine Newton says:

    I like very much your site and it gives some advises on home business. Thank you so much for sharing it for free.

  14. Jason Homes says:

    One thing in order to achieve in life, you should first love what you are doing so that the output will be a reflection of your skills harnessed by your personal passion. Without it, you soon end up disliking your job.

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