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Professional Actor Promoting Site Swiper on YouTube?

I have still not bought the Site Stealer, even though I think their website is awesome and their marketing have been very interesting. It seems that Harris Fellman, the marketer behind this product, knows what he is doing. He has launched a very good marketing campaign.

Today, I found Sal the site stealer at YouTube (you can watch one of the videos below). At first I thought that Sal was just a guy that Harris Fellman used at his website, and for that one video only. But now I have found at least 9 episodes at YouTube… and today Sal the Site Stealer is actually Sal the Site Swiper? I just visited and was redirected to and the site looks almost identical. What is happening? Another very interesting marketing campaign just starting?

Sal (the Site Swiper or the Site Stealer) must be a professional actor, he is that good and I really like what he is doing to promote the system. Just watch the video below, and you will see what I mean.

Watch all the different episodes (there are at least nine) at YouTube, and when I think about it, maybe Sal should get his own fanclub at Facebook (LOL).

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