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Product Placement Advertisements in Movies

Yesterday I watched two movies, both of them were very entertaining and I recommend them if you would like two thrillers with good acting. The movies I watched were Disturbia and Fracture. I am not going to do a review of the movies, but I am going to tell you what I think was interesting when you think about marketing.

You might have heard about product placement advertisment, but most people I have talked to are not aware of it. “Product placement advertisements are promotional ads placed by marketers using real commercial products and services in media, where the presence of a particular brand is the result of an economic exchange”. To place a product somewhere in a movie, the company wanting to place their product there would have to pay for the product placement. It has been happening since at least 1949, so it can be said to be something that we are used to see in movies, TV series and video games.

With Disturbia and Fracture there was one thing that I recognized early in both movies. Everybody was using a Mac, the police and the kids and you name it. I couldn’t see a regular pc anywhere. I have no real evidence that Apple paid them to use their products in both movies, but I think that you will agree with me that they probably did if you watch the movies.

Apple might have the best products to use in movies. Their products are very good looking and cool, their logo is very famous and especially if they use a MacBook Pro, you will always see that it’s an Apple that they are using. The iPod is a product that most young people (and probably older people) know about as well. They are very easy to spot when they are used in a movie, and I think that this is probably why Apple are using product placement advertisments in movies.

I am not sure if I can think of another product that I think will do better in a movie than a product from Apple. To get the same effect that Apple get from being in a movie, the product have to be rather unique when it comes to design. Think about it, most movies that are made today will have plenty of mobile phones in them… but the problem with mobile phones is that it is hard to see the difference between a Sony Ericsson, Nokia or Samsung. This is why, when they are doing a product placement advertisment in a movie, you will se a rather unique design when it comes to a mobile phone. This is why I am just waiting to see the iPhone in a lot of movies soon.

Can you think of another brand or company that might have the same effect as Apple when it comes to product placement advertisements in movies? Maybe Coca Cola?

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