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Problems with my email

I have had problems with my email for almost three days now. I have contacted support, but they haven´t fixed the problem and they haven´t contacted me yet. This problem got me thinking about how vunerable we all are. When my default e-mail address is unavailable I can´t communicate with all the people who might be contacting me.

My e-mail address is “everywhere” and I have ad campaigns and I waiting for some important emails. I know that they won´t be lost, but because I will probably be late answering some of the emails, I might lose out on a few customers.

I still have my gmail account, but hopefully I will be back online later today or I don´t know what I will do. Maybe I should just shutdown my computer and head on out to the beach 🙂

5 responses to “Problems with my email”

  1. Peter David says:


    I’m looking for an unblockable popup solution too.. And I’m thinking to get instant pop over and looking for some review. But let me share something first.

    I have been using Impact Pop UP & Fly In Ads Creator.

    Both are actually great (same like Instant Pop Over)

    But I discover (2 from my experience, 1 when I come to your site) that all three have similar bug.

    1) It treat all pages in your blog as different. For example:

    I still get your popup when I first come to your website, when I click on categories, when I want to leave this comment. (not 3 times, more)

    I hope you can ask the support about this (I’m not their customer, don’t know if they will entertain my question). If it is solved, I’m willing to buy through your aff link. No prob… 🙂

    Anyway, nice page you have here. Good luck! Drop me an email sometimes…


  2. kirk says:

    can you tell me how you fixed instant popover to work with wordpress? Thank you.

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Kirk

    I couldn’t get it to work with wordpress, so I am usuing Aweber at the moment, and it works great.

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