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The Problem With Most Affiliate Products

I guess that the problem with most affiliate products, including Affiliate Silver Bullet, the product that I have been promoting using this blog, is that they don’t help you drive traffic.

Most affiliate products that I have been involved with, in fact, I think all affiliate products that I have been involved with did not help me at all driving real traffic (unique visitors). Many products/services helped me understand more or less what I was doing online. But they didn’t really help me promote their products.

Some helped me using Google Adwords, some helped me realize how to become a better blogger and some helped me understand SEO (at least help me get a better understanding than I did have when I started blogging).

But none did help me drive traffic straight to my blog or my product.

I realize now that I probably should have started all over, because I am about to mess up my message to you, but I’ll continue and try to be more specific.

What I am talking about is that most products or services talk about how to drive traffic and how to promote, but they don’t do it for you. Usually you end up buying a product or a service and you need to know how to get people to read your messages and how to market the product to the masses.

It’s exactly the same with Affiliate Silver Bullet. If you don’t know how to promote, then you have no future using Affiliate Silver Bullet. Well, their new system is kind of different and the owner and creator, Dustin Stuckman have told us that he will also be promoting Affiliate Silver Bullet (and the Internet Marketing Genius Newsletter) and he will be providing us (the members) with the leads. This way, when someone buys something from his e-mails (sales messages), we will earn the commissions.

So far, I have not received any new leads from him. I am not judging him or Affiliate Silver Bullet, it’s only been about a month since the launch of the new and upgraded system (the Internet Marketing Genius Newsletter).

I am waiting, and I am very interested to see if in fact we will receive any free leads from the system. If we will, then I am really going to be impressed, it will be my first time ever…

I am not sure if you can expect to join a service or buy a product and have the company do all the marketing for you, or even help you with some of the marketing. But sometimes they do promise you stuff, and sometimes you might in fact get more than you were hoping for when you joined.

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