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The Problem With ListHero

I joined ListHero yesterday, and now, I have been able to study it and test it (at least for a few hours).

ListHero is a very interesting system, and I do believe that you can use it to build a list. But as I have been testing it today, I can also see a major problem with ListHero.

You are competing with a lot of other people for the attention.

This is how ListHero works (a very simple version):

You join, you create your own advertisement and you add your autoresponder (like AWeber) to your account. Then finally, you add the code for the exit popover to your website.

Everytime the ListHero exit popover is shown to one of your visitors, you will get points (not sure how many, or if it depends on if you are a free user or upgraded). The points will be used to show your advertisement on the exit popover on the websites of other members.

You need to stand out from the crowd in order to get new subscribers, because the exit popover will show 5 advertisements (subscription forms), and the visitor can choose to subscribe to as few or as many of them as he or she wants.

The problem is not only that you need to stand out from the crowd in order to get more subscribers, but I believe that when visitors can subscribe to more than one “newsletter”, your new subscriber will not be as ready for you as if the subscriber joined your newsletter from your own website.

I think that the chances are that subscribers via ListHero will subscribe to more than one newsletter, because ListHero makes it easy to do so – and there are many interesting advertisements.

So, when people subscribe to more than one newsletter, they will also receive more than one newsletter. You will get more competition and less attention from this. This means that you need to be a good copywriter to convince your new ListHero subscribers to buy from you.

You might want to consider this before you join ListHero; that even though you might get more subscribers from using it, the new subscribers are not just your regular subscribers. They are most likely subscribers of many other competing lists as well. But on the other hand, aren’t most people already subscribers of many different newsletters/lists?

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