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Pro at I Love Hits and Linkcrews

Yes, I have gone pro at I Love Hits and Linkcrews. I have done that because I believe that I Love Hits is the best traffic exchange to go pro, because it has more than 60000 members and it has been active since 2001 and the owner is a true professional. And it was very cheap compared to many of the other traffic exchanges. At the same time I am titanium at Linkcrews. This traffic exchange is new and very interesting. I joined titanium to test it for one month and to see how it works.

I have already received a random referral at Linkcrews and two at I Love Hits (just from being pro). I am using the word pro here, but I Love Hits and Linkcrews uses different names… what I am trying to say that I am paying for my membership at these two traffic exchanges. I believe that if you have ever been thinking of paying for a membership at any traffic exchange, I Love Hits is probably the best one… if you compare results and the price you pay. That´s my experience so far (but I have only been pro for a few days).

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