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Print it and Keep it Visible at All Times

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If you want attention to your product and if you want people to understand how important your product really is, you should use a marketing strategy where you tell your prospects that they should, after they have bought your product, “print it, read it immediately and then keep it visible at all times”.

You need to tell them this in your sales letter.

You can even use this marketing strategy for your sales letter. If you do, this strategy will tell your prospects that your sales letter is important enough to actually print out and read. Unlike most sales letters, where people just read a few sentences at the top and then scroll down to the bottom to look at the price.

Mention that your prospects will learn many valuable strategies (or whatever your product is about) from the sales letter, and that they should keep it posted on their desk, place it on their bookshelf or keep it locked in their safe, or maybe keep it on their keyboard when they are not using their computer (this way it will be the first thing they will see when they are going to use their computer).

Grab attention and tell your prospects that your product is very important, in fact it’s so important that they should print it, read it immediately and keep it visible at all times.

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  1. Steve Chazin says:


    Thanks for the kind words about my eBook. It’s rewarding to know that people are enjoying what I do. Thanks again and keep blogging!


  2. Jens says:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for stopping by and keep writing. I would love to read another book.

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