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A Preview of Ojeez

Ojeez, the latest social community related to online marketing is about to launch. They are still in prelaunch, but from what I understand, they will launch in a matter of days now. As I am writing this Ojeez has 9300 members, and I bet it will be a lot more as soon as they launch. For one thing, it will be easier to promote it when all members get access to various marketing material, like banners and prewritten ads. And everybody will see and experience the community, not like now when we don´t have access to anything other than our affiliate urls.

The reason I am writing this today, is that I received an e-mail from Ojeez yesterday with a little information and a link to a preview site. At the preview site we can actually see some of the new sites at Ojeez and we will experience some of what we will have at the time of the launch. I can feel that I am a little excited, I haven´t received that much information from Ojeez, but when I receive the e-mails they are always showing off something that I like. The design and the “tools” that I have seen on the preview site are looking great.

If you are interested to join Ojeez during the prelaunch click here, if you want to watch the preview site you can just click here.

My concerns are all the social communities that people are members of. Some of them has to shut down sooner or later, but will Ojeez survive? One of the reasons that I think that Ojeez might be one of the few that will survive is that it´s all about online marketing and not about “everything” like most social communities. If you have a business online, or you are involved in network marketing, joining Ojeez might be something you should consider. I have a few more thoughts as well, but I think that this will be it for now… It´s going to be an interesting launch.

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