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Powerful Unique Webdesign

This is a post that I should have published a long time ago, because it’s a very important lesson. I am one of those people that like to write short posts, and I like to read short posts, but this time I probably should write a long one – just to tell you how important this post really is. But as usual I will be brief 🙂

If you are going to be successful online, you need to have your own unique webdesign. This is especially true when it comes to splash pages, but as well when it comes to your own websites. I have actually never had my own unique webdesign for my blog or for my forums. I have always found some very nice free templates and I have been very satisfied with them – but soon I think that I will have to get my own.

The reason you need your own design is that it’s all about branding and being different. Think about it, there are so many people out there promoting the same company as you are promoting, and there are even more people promoting different companies – and they are all your competitors (well, at least most of them are). If you use the company splash pages as thousands of others, you will not get the signups that you could be getting with your own design.

And what happens when you cancel your membership with your current company and you start to promote another company? People would have never known who you are, you are just another person behind another big MLM company. What I believe is the most important fact about promoting anything online (if you are an individual), you need your own unique webdesign (splash page) with your picture on it – promoting yourself and your company/product. This way people will start to trust you (down the road) and they will recognize you and be interested when you promote something.

(I should probably also be writing about how you should be combining the unique webdesign with an autoresponder, but I will do that later).

So, how do you find the perfect webdesign (really good and cheap)? Look no further, I have been using a woman from India called Sweety. She is incredible fast, creative and she is cheap (compared to many of the other webdesigners I have talked to). I have nothing but really positive things to say about her (and I am not earning any money from telling you this). Just take a look at her portfolio and you will understand what I am saying here:

Click on the different links at the top to see banners and headers and website and more. She can do it all, and you can trust her to fulfill your dream design.

She can be contacted at this e-mail (and say hi from Jens): sweety @

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