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The Power of Languages in Marketing

I was really surprised when one of the most well-known Norwegian Internet marketers told me that her new 38 pages report was priced at $280. What I am saying is, I have to actually pay $280 to get my hands on a 38 pages report about how to document the value of my websites. I usually get similar reports for less than $20, but they are all in English.

This is a great example of the power of language.

Because there are not a lot of information like this available in Norwegian, experts can charge $280 for a short report.

Think about how you can profit from this for a second.

What if you bought a few public label rights (plr) ebooks, and translated them into another language, how much would you think you could earn?

You could hire translators from Elance, and translate the ebooks into any language language.

Just take a look at this list of the top 20 languages ranked by number of native speakers:

– Mandarin
– English
– Hindi
– Spanish
– Arabic
– Portuguese
– Bengali
– Russian
– Japanes
– German
– Punjabi
– French
– Wu
– Javanese
– Telugu
– Marathi
– Vietnamese
– Korean
– Tamil
– Italian

Millions of people are speaking the languages, and not a lot of information about Internet marketing is available. Even if your language is not part of this list, you can still make a huge profit. Just think about the Norwegian Internet Marketing expert charging $280 for the 38 pages report.

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