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The Power of Examples in Internet Marketing

One of the most powerful strategies when it comes to Internet marketing (and all sorts of marketing actually), is using examples. It’s so powerful, that it’s part of the extended marketing mix. It’s about physical evidence,

Unlike a product, a service cannot be experienced before it is delivered, which makes it intangible. This, therefore, means that potential customers could perceive greater risk when deciding whether to use a service. To reduce the feeling of risk, thus improving the chance for success, it is often vital to offer potential customers the chance to see what a service would be like. This is done by providing physical evidence, such as case studies, testimonials or demonstrations.

Just a few hours ago, I received an email about a new interesting service called Mike Mazella’s Resell Rights Wholesaler.


The website looks awesome, the sales letter looks great, the service seems to be very interesting (they are offering various products with resell rights every month) and the price seems to be cheap.

But, they are missing one thing. The power of examples.

Why would I pay the monthly fee of $9.95 without one example of what I am going to receive after I have paid for the first month?

They are providing us with a lot of information, like what sort of products you can expect in your membership:

It seems you’ll get a lot in your membership, but why not just provide one (or a few) examples of products you will be receiving? This way, you’ll know the standard of the products.

As a member you’ll be able to download 25 to 30 products each month, that’s a lot and it’s cheap when you think about the monthly price of only $9.95. But I don’t consider it cheap when I have no clue when it comes to the products I’ll be receiving (only information about what sort of product is included).

Always use the power of examples and physical evidence in your marketing strategy.

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