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The Potato Chips Marketing Story

My favorite snack is potato chips, no doubt about it. It’s saturday, and it’s the perfect day for a post about a very interesting potato chips marketing story.

Most brands selling potato chips in Norway are famous, multi-national corporations, huge companies with lots of workers.

Ask yourself, what would you do in order to get a piece of the potato chips market, when you know that you are up against this kind of competition?

The answer is what a Norwegian company, Sorlandscips, have done. They are using Seth Godin’s Small is the new big, in order to attract attention and sell potato chips.

Sorlandschips is the new big

One of their now famous slogans is; Norway’s smallest potato chips factory.

This is how they market their factory on their website.

The Sorlandschips Factory

It really looks like the smallest factory.

They have created a brand that people remember, it’s about quality, awesome potato chips, made from hand picked potatoes by people at a very small factory in Norway.

What they did with their marketing was try to stand out from the crowd, by being very different than their competition. Their competitors are large, impersonal companies, where everything is created by huge machines. Sorlandschips is small, they really care about every potato, they hand pick them, everything is created with love.

Man from Sorlandschips

When you visit their website, a man from the factory welcomes you. It’s about being personal.

It’s about marketing and creating a strong brand. Sorlandschips is doing it by using humor and clever story telling.

Most important, their potato chips are awesome. Their products and their marketing are both really impressive.

Guess what. I just finished eating one of their bags of potato chips.

5 responses to “The Potato Chips Marketing Story”

  1. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    Being small can have its advantages in the marketing world. The issue I see is when your too small. Can having a small blog be successful. You need the readers, the loyal visitors each day. Being small can get you this , its just that you need to make sure that you get the information before your competitors.

    I think that when it comes to blogging you need to be busier than your competition. Not necessarily bigger or better. Just more well known.

  2. Ashwini says:

    wonderful marketing idea!!! I too am looking for a small scale mfg. Hope you could guide me…

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