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Posting links in your status updates at Facebook or Twitter

I just thought I’d give you a short advice when it comes to posting links in your status update at Facebook or Twitter. I see that a lot of people are doing this, and in order for your friends to actually see them, I recommend that you use a service that will make your long url a lot shorter.

One service that I recommend for this is TinyURL, it’s completely free and your friends will see 100% of your url instead of just some parts of it.

This way it’s a lot easier for them to copy it and you can use the extra space to write a description about where they will be going if they decide to click the link.

One response to “Posting links in your status updates at Facebook or Twitter”

  1. Navya says:

    Hi ,

    Yeah You are absolutely right!! This Tinyurl is really superb, it is converting lengthy url of even 100 letters to some 10 to 15 lettere url and that to it is free!! I am a great fan of this….

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