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Popover Marketing Mistake

You might already know that I am writing an e-book about marketing mistakes and why people fail at Internet marketing. Today, I thought I’d start out with a series of posts about some of the mistakes. Some are minor mistakes and some should be considered as big (or even huge) mistakes.

Let’s start out with the popover marketing mistake.

You can probably see what’s wrong with this image. Check out the size of the popover. It hardly reveals anything, and it’s impossible to scroll and see the information. Even though this popover should show some really cool information and maybe even an offer most people can’t resist, not a single person will ever notice… because they can’t read the text (and they can only see part of the images).

The first lesson (and one of the most important lessons) is to always check your marketing (not once, but at least twice) before you publish it, and make sure everything is alright. Test it in different browsers (at least Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera), use different resolutions on your screen, this way most people will be able to view your advertisement.

Remember, even Gurus are making these mistakes

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