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The Pomodoro App for Mac

The pomodoro app for Mac that I’m using is Tomatoes. I am using the Pomodoro method to stay focused on my most important tasks. It’s how I keep working, even while the cat is peeing in the kitchen table. The pomodoro method is easy to explain; I’m working in 25 minute increments, with only one thing on my mind. I’m taking short breaks between each pomodoro – but it’s not as easy to accomplish.

When I first started using the pomodoro method, I just used a regular timer. It was working rather well, but I was missing something. I like to have an overview and a plan for what I’m working on.

Now, after testing many different apps and tools, I’ve ended up using a pomodoro app for Mac. The name of the app is Tomatoes.

Let me explain why I am using it, and how I am using it.

pomodoro app for mac

The design is beautiful. It looks amazing. It’s easy to set up all the different pomodoros, and it’s drag and drop to activate them.

tomatoes pomodoro app

Full control with the Pomodoro App for Mac

I have full control over each day and how I’ll be working. Every completed pomodoro is archived. This way, at the end of the week, I can evaluate the week and how productive I’ve been. I’m also tracking all interruptions, to see what I can do to have more focus when I’m working.

pomodoro statistics

I enjoy looking at statistics, and with the Tomatoes pomodoro app for Mac, I have detailed statistics for every single day. Like I said, I evaluate every week and look at what I’ve been doing and I’m trying to find even better ways to be more productive (and have more fun working).


5 responses to “The Pomodoro App for Mac”

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    LOL on your cat Jens! I’ve been using the Pom for many years, a secret to my effectiveness. Thanks!

  2. Ilka says:

    Hi Jens!

    When I read your posts I feel like I am always one step behind 😉

    I am tracking my work with a timer – still! But I think your method is more effective. And since I work a lot for clients it would make it easier to track the time I worked for each one of them as well. At the moment I add my Hours to Podio. every evening.

    I am honestly not the person that browses around for fun, looking for new apps. so I am always happy that you are testing them for me 🙂

    I just wonder how people come up with these strange names for their apps.

    Enjoy your weekend, Ilka

    • Hi Ilka,

      You shouldn’t feel that you’re behind. We just do things differently. You’re doing it your way and what works best for you, and I’m still finding my way of doing things. I started with a regular timer as well, now I’m using Tomatoes and the app works great for me.

      I don’t browse much for fun either, but I read a lot and I find the new apps on other blogs or from the articles I read in different magazines 🙂


  3. Peter Lee says:

    The statistics give a pretty comprehensive outlook of your productivity. It gives you a pretty clear picture of whether your overall productivity is progressing, and whether it’s time to take a well-deserved break too! I sure hope I deserve one from my recent hectic schedules.

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