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The Polish Carpenter and the Wizard

I’ve got a story for you. It’s a true story, one about a Polish carpenter and a wizard. It’s a story about marketing, and the power of using no money and no marketing skills in order to drive lots of traffic and earning a lot of money.

The wizard is a twenty-something kid, working at the local barnyard. He is a modern day wizard, he knows everything there is to know about computers, and he knows everything about cars. He’s finished high school, that’s all the education he got.

Every single day, people show up with their computers and/or their cars, people call him all the time. He is earning money, a lot more money than most people. All he’s doing is an amazing job. Not one customer is anything but really really satisfied. Word of mouth is what’s going on.

People are talking. More and more people share the information about his skills. He doesn’t have to do anything other than an amazing job, that’s all the marketing he needs.

Now, the Polish carpenter is an amazing carpenter. He’s a little older, and he’s quite hard to understand. He speaks a little english, and he smiles a lot. The results of every job he’s ever had, is new jobs. People are satisfied, they are really satisfied, and what happens when people are really satisfied? They talk to other people, they spread the information about why they are really satisfied. The same thing happens when people are really dissatisfied (but that’s a completely different story).

Most of the time, marketing is about making people really satisfied.

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