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Plime is a Great Marketing Tool, but I Have Problems

Recently I discovered a very interesting web 2.0 community called Plime. I actually discovered it while using Web2Submitter and I found it so interesting that I wanted to participate. As you might already know, you shouldnīt just submit your articles to the web 2.0 communities, you should also participate. You should communicate with other members and vote on articles submitted by other members, and you should of course visit blogs / sites of other members. I have started with Plime as I really like the design and the contents of this community.

But something is happening to me at Plime, I just canīt vote on anything and everytime I do click on something (like the vote) I have to log in once again. I have tested this using FireFox and Safari, and I think that I have even tried Internet Explorer 7. I am not sure what my problem is and how to solve it. At first I thought that it didnīt work with FireFox, but now I am not so sure. I guess I should contact support at Plime and see if they can fix my problem. You can see what happens to me if you click on the pictures below.

I log in and I can explore all sites and read about the various articles, but as soon as I click on the vote I have to log in once again.

Visit Plime at

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