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The Pizza Dilemma

Yesterday, my family and I decided to go out to a pizza restaurant and eat dinner. The pizza place belongs to a rather large chain of restaurants called Dolly Dimples (I think that they only have restaurants in Norway, but I am not sure).

Finally, we arrived.

This place is like McDonalds, except for the food. They have a great playroom for the kids. That’s the main reason why we go there, even though the food is awesome. Our kids need something to do while we are waiting for the food, and especially after we have eaten. That seems to be the only way that my wife and I can relax during dinner.

To install a playroom was a really wise decision, because this is the only restaurant in our town with a great playroom. So, they actually don’t have any competition. Therefore, a lot of families end up at Dolly Dimples (and don’t forget, the food is awesome).

Now, what I found to be the pizza dilemma, was the weekly offer.

Monday to Thursday, you can order two large pizzas, and pay 299 Nkr (remember, I am in Norway, it’s expensive). That’s fairly cheap for this place. On the sign is said that it was only two different pizzas, number 1 and 10, that was included in this offer. I thought that this had to be a mistake, because the two pizzas that I wanted to order was way cheaper than the two included in the offer.

If they included my order in this offer, I would have saved a few bucks, that’s all. But if I ordered the weekly offer, I would have paid the same amount for a much more expensive pizza. Therefore, I thought that they guys and the restaurant would see my point and give me the discount. 

They didn’t.

I didn’t really spend time to argue, I don’t do that… especially not when I am around my family and we are out to have a good time.

I don’t think much about saving money, I am more interested in the principles of marketing and why this chain of restaurants are using an offer like this.

The only thing I can come up with is that it’s convenient for them, they have probably premade the pizzas, so they’ll have a lot more of number 1 and 10 ready for people ordering this weekly offer. Or they sell less pizzas of number 1 and 10, and this is a way to get more people to try them. Or maybe, this is just a way to get people into the restaurant… they see the offer and end up ordering something else, much more expensive.

I really don’t know. 

But, I find this marketing as sort of negative marketing (not sure what I should call it really). They should have had a similar offer where you could pick any two pizzas and pay the same price (299). This would have been a lot easier for the customers, and I bet that a lot more people would be interested and I don’t think that Dolly Dimples would suffer at all. Because the number 1 and 10 on their menu are two of the most expensive pizzas anyway.

Make it easy and make your customers happy, that’s my advice anyway.

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