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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in Oslo. It was mostly work, I was at a fairly long business meeting. I guess it was ok, even though I don’t care much for meetings. When I attend a meeting, I usually don’t get much work done. And usually, when I am attending a meeting, I don’t focus on what’s happening during the meeting. I think about everthing else. That’s why I want every meeting to be as short as possible.

That’s really all you need to know about the trip to Oslo.

I got home about eight o’clock, it was dark, and it was cold. I was only wearing a rain coat, because it usually rains, but not that day.

As I was about to walk home from the train station, a car pulled up next to me, and the driver asked me if I was on my way home and if I wanted a ride?

This was the local pizza delivery guy. He was about to deliver pizza not far away from my house.

I was thrilled and I said yes.

This is probably the best marketing a pizza restaurant can get. It didn’t cost them any money, and I’ll tell all my family, friends and colleagues about this. Soon, this story will be all over town, it will be like viral marketing.

I am not sure if the pizza guy had given much thought about this, and the effect it can have on their restaurant. The reason he asked me if I wanted a ride home, was probably because I have been at the restaurant a lot, and he had delivered pizza to my house more times than to most people in town.

He was just being friendly, but most times, being friendly will have a major positive impact on your business.

9 responses to “The Pizza Delivery Guy”

  1. Julia says:

    Karma best works for business, the pizza guy might think he was simply gave you a ride home but all good things comeback like a word of mouth marketing.
    Wonderful post!

    • Hi Julia,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I was actually at the pizza restaurant yesterday. The reason I go there every single time is not just the pizza, because a lot of people make good pizza, but it’s the customer service… they’re awesome.

  2. Julia says:

    Sometimes wonderful things comeback to those who share.
    In business,those who don’t have problems in doing something good might some good karma like a word of mouth marketing.

  3. jagandeep singh says:

    Damn good story,the pizza guy showed friendly nature and that some how helped in the marketing of the restaurant.If you are doing business in public service like having restaurants or even blogging then you must be friendly to every one,that market your stuff in a friendly nature.

    • Thanks a lot 🙂

      To me, this was not just an ordinary friend giving me a ride home. It was amazing, a guy I had been talking to a few times at the pizza place was so friendly. I’m sure he didn’t think of it as a way to get me to buy more pizza, and that’s why I continue to go there and why it has become my favorite pizza place 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    Live this story. I’ve actually become such good friends with the owner of a local pizzeria that my son and I now deliver pizzas for them sometimes during lunch. We eat everything there from Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches to slices for free. I love a pizzeria where everyone knows your name. Sort of like the song from Cheers.

    • Brian says:

      By the way, Carolyn of Wonder of Tech sent me your way. Said your loved pizza and mention pizza a lot in your posts. Also, I would love for you to write a guest blog post for me on your favorite pizzeria. I need to get you some free food.

  5. Adarsh Thampy says:


    Not sure how the fact that a local pizza guy gave you a lift is going to be a viral story! It’s just an act of kindness (Although he happened to be a pizza guy). I can understand your emotions, but I wouldn’t tell another one this story because I don’t see anything special in it.

    And I completely disagree with the fact that you say “This is probably the best marketing a pizza restaurant can get”. Since the pizza shop is all about food, and people go to a restaurant because it tastes good, this story is not strong enough to help in marketing the shop.

    Had they given free pizzas to poor or hungry people, it would have been a much more emotional and chances of it going viral is more.

    • Hi Adarsh,

      It might not be the best example of viral marketing, but on the other hand, I haven’t heard of anyone that’s been given a lift home from any other shop or restaurant. I have been talking about this to my friends for years, and this pizza restaurant has received a lot of extra customers just because they are making business personal. They are kind and they remember their customers, and that’s more important than ever when it comes to business. It’s not just about the food.

      I agree that it would have been even better if they’ve given out free pizza to poor people. But, emotions from being personal is also important when it comes to marketing 🙂

      What I’m saying is that this is not a viral story online, but it is in a small local community.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

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