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Pixelotto from Alex Tew

I have just read that Alex Tew, the student who made more than one million dollars from his Million Dollar Homepage, is about to launch something new. Well, it seems to be based on his last success, as you can still buy pixels and he will probably earn a million dollars once more. His new project has its grand opening on December 5th, but the advertisers from his last project has already been invited to join. So, on December 5th it might not be as many good spots left.

His new project is called Pixelotto and each pixel costs $2 instead of $1 from the earlier project (will he be earning twice as much this time then?). At the end (not sure when) there will be some kind of lottery where the winner will get $1 million. Not sure how they will win the price and if this is for ordinery visitors or the advertisers. But we will soon learn, probably already on the 5th.

I am not sure how good this kind of advertising really is, there are so many ads in so little space. There will probably be hard to spot your ad, but on the other hand, this site will get a lot of exposure and many many visitors at least in the next few weeks. And Alex Tew will get even more money than before. Not sure if his new idea is so special (the first one was), but he will earn money that´s for sure. People all across the world are just waiting for his name to pop up somewhere, and when it does they will join no matter what he is offering. This is because he now has authority in the world of online marketing. He has proven to be successful and he has shown what works, this is something people won´t forget for a while.

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