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The Pink Panther 2 Marketing Trick

I have just seen the brand new Pink Panther 2 trailer, the director Harald Zwart is by the way Norwegian (but that doesn’t have anything to do with why I am writing this). You’ll be able to watch the teaser at the bottom of this post.

Steve Martin is still the actor playing Inspector Closeau. He did a decent job in Pink Panther 1, but to me, it’s impossible to play Inspector Closeau better than Peter Sellers.


The new Pink Panther 2 trailer doesn’t show anything from the new Pink Panther 2 movie. Usually, all movie trailers are just previews of the new movie. A trailer usually consist of footage from the new movie and a weird voice (the preview guy) giving us some clues about what we are waiting for.

But the trailer for Pink Panther 2 is actually a teaser, where we can see Inspector Closeau trying to buy tickets to a sold out movie. He is talking with his weird French/English accent and he is funny. The only difference is, it’s not from the movie.

My question is; The Pink Panther 2 teaser contains nothing from the movie, but does it really need to show us anything from the movie? As long as Inspector Closeau is doing something, we already know what the new Pink Panther 2 movie will be about, it’s about Inspector Closeau being funny with his French/English accent. Do we really care what the plot of the movie will be?

This is the teaser:

Personally, I find it more interesting to watch a teaser of Inspector Closeau when he is doing stuff not related to the movie. I am not saying that it’s more funny, but it’s different and grabs my attention a lot easier than if I watched a regular trailer starring the preview guy with the weird voice. To me, all previews are fairly the same.

But what do you think?

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