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The phone is your friend

I believe that [tag]network marketing[/tag] is mostly about personal relations. I am going to explain what I mean by that, I am not talking about selling to relatives or friends. Some experience great success with  their Internet marketing system, but I believe that for most people to be successful with network [tag]marketing[/tag], they would have to actually talk to people.

You have to talk either face to face or using the telephone. Very few decides to join a network marketing company during the first minutes when they first receive the information. Most people have to think about their decision, no matter how little it cost to join the company.

They ave to dedicate time if they want to be successful, not only [tag]money[/tag]. If you only send out emails, you might only introduce someone to the [tag]business[/tag] opportunity. You also have to follow up if you really want them to join. If you follow up with them, you should get more people to join and more people to be dedicated to the business.

Well, you could just trust your autoresponder to do the job, but the phone should also be your friend. For people living in other countries with different time zones, using the telephone to call prospects could be more difficult – but if it´s doable, pick up the phone and start dialing.

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