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My new philosophy for a happy life

This blog post was due on 2 January, but, I have been planning 2014, and now that I’m more or less ready to keep moving forward, I’ll reveal something to you.

This is what I was telling you about yesterday, when I told you that I have started to say no to boring.

I’m now the head of marketing at a car dealership in Norway. That’s a huge step for me. And, to me, that’s exciting news, even though it means that I’m no longer a solopreneur. A few days ago, I visited Gothenburg; the Volvo car factory, The Volvo Brand Centre Experience and the Volvo museum. That’s how I started the new year, in my new job.

Volvo Brand Experience

There are many reasons why I’ve switched from being a solopreneur to a “regular” job at a car dealership.

First of all, I was lonely. I wanted to work closer with people (I needed co-workers and I missed being part of a team). The second reason; I was looking for some bigger projects (more challenges), and I wanted to work more on projects related to customer service.

The car dealership is amazing when it comes to customer service and building strong relationships with people. I can’t wait to share what we’re currently doing. There are so many interesting things going on.

Finally, the third reason; I believe that I can make a much bigger impact together with a professional team. This car dealership has won the award for the best Volvo car dealership 13 years in Norway.

Looking back at 2013 and thinking ahead

To me, 2013 was a very interesting year. I had some major changes going on in my life.

We launched The Vegetarian Festival and I got some great feedback from the work I was doing, but most of all, I spent a lot of time trying to face my passion.

I believe that facing my passion, will be a process that I’ll continue with for the rest of my life, but right now, this is what I beleive I should be focusing on:

This mentality includes staying in a forward thinking state of mind. And, I will do my best in 2014, to never miss a party!

I got all this from Sam Bern, the amazing 17 year old kid, who died earlier this year.

I first watched his presentation on his philosophy for a happy life, a few weeks ago, but I kept watching it over and over again. What Sam Bern was saying made sense, and he made it sound so easy. The one thing I haven’t been doing for a long time, was always be moving forward.

It wasn’t about the big projects, but more about looking forward to the small things in life. Now, I’m looking forward to the next movie I’ll be watching. I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll be with my friends. And, I’m looking forward to the next comment on my blog post.

You should watch Sam Bern’s presentation. It made think, and it made me switch focus:

I know now how I’m going to live a happy life. And, I know now that what I’m doing with The Vegetarian Festival is going to make a huge impact on my life this year, like it made an impact last year.

The thing about The Vegetarian Festival, is that we’re not on a mission to switch people from eating meat to becoming vegetarians. We’re creating awareness to the issue of how animals are treated in the world, and we’re creating awareness about how much fantastic vegetarian food you can create yourself, and why vegetarian food is a healthy alternative.

Dreams do come true

It’s hard to believe that so many things are happening right now. Things that I couldn’t even begin to imagine, just a few months ago. What’s happening right now, is that we’re going to cooperate closely with UNICEF and we’re now an official charity sponsor for a project to help feed children in Asia. I’ll write more about this later, but for now, let’s just leave it with that this is a dream come true for me.

We’re going to be about 40 people working for no payment at The Vegetarian Festival, it will be free to attend for everybody, even for stall holders, and we’re going to help feed children in need.

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